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  1. ₹650.00
    ABP group has celebrated 100 years of business in India Anandabazar Patrika Upanyas Satabarṣa sankalan 2022 is 696 pages Upanyas published by Anandabazar Patrika from Kolkata. 30 Ti Bikkhayto Upanyaser Ekti Ananda Sankalan To read some of the Upanyas in this book this is must book for you.
  2. ₹260.00
    Pujabarshiki Anandamela 1430 (2023) is a special Puja Edition of Anandamela Magazine. Pujabarshiki Anandamela 1430 (2023) is a Bengali Literary Annual Magazine, published by Anandabazar Patrika Limited from Kolkata. This special edition will have stories, novels, Comics, small stories, Puzzles, Sports, feature stories and many more. So enjoy your pre-puja celebrations with Pujabarshiki Anandamela1430 (2023)
  3. ₹240.00
    Sharodiya Anandabazar Patrika 1430 (2023) is a special Puja edition Bengali Magazine of the year 2022. Sharodiya Anandabazar Patrika 1430 (2023) is a Bangla Literary Annual Puja Special Magazine, published by Anandabazar Patrika Limited from Kolkata. Key Attractions of this Puja Special magazine are - Novel, Poetries, Interesting Articles, Travel journals, stories written by prominent authors, poets. So why wait? Grab your copies NOW before stock finishes.
  4. ₹180.00
    Pujor Bhraman Guide 2023, is a special issue of Bhraman Travel Magazines. This special issue is a guide book for your travel itinerary during Durga Puja (1430) 2023. This special issue will cover travel guide by the experts and easy travel to foreign countries also. So enjoy reading Pujor Bhraman Guide (1430) 2023.
  5. ₹240.00
    Pujabarshiki Anandalok (1430) 2023 issue is special Puja edition of Anandalok Magazine of 2023. Anandalok Pujabarshiki (1430) 2023 is a Bangla Literary Magazine, published by Anandabazar Patrika Limited from Kolkata. Anandalok Bengali entertainment and glamour magazine is a 40 year old film and celebrity magazine covering tollywood, bollywood, hollywood, television, sports, politics, latest celebrity gossips, interviews, film reviews, shooting coverage, you name it and Anandalok covers all, Anandalok Magazine is a fortnightly Bangla Magazine, published by ABP (Ananda Bazar Patrika Publications) from Kolkata
  6. ₹240.00
    Sharadiya Patrika (1430) 2023 is special Puja edition of 2023. Sharadiya Patrika is Bangla Literary Magazine published annually by Ananda Bazaar Patrika from Kolkata. This is a very popular Bengali magazine of India in Bengali Language. Patrika Magazine's special edition publishes Puja barshiki shanka. This Puja Special Magazine consists of articles written by eminent writers on Sharadia Fashion, Culture, Tradition and so many other topics.