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  1. ₹780.00
    Nolen Gur Jalbhara - One of the traditional sweet dishes of Bengal, the Jal Bhara Sandesh, locally known as Jol Bhora (জলভরা) is a signature Bengali sweet which defines the culture of West Bengal around the world. This sweet is made from Home Made Cottage Cheese (ছেনা), Sugar and Jaggery (নলেন গুড়). As it is filled with Liquid Jaggery, the name defines itself, Jol (Water*) Bhora (Filled). *Jaggery/Sugar Syrup in this case. No preservatives Added. Shelf Life: 4-5 Days (Summer) 5-7 Days (Winter) PRODUCT NOTE

    This pack will have around 14 to 15 pieces of Nolen Gur Jolbhora Sandesh of 40 gram each

  2. ₹250.00
    Komla Lebu Narkel Naru (Orange Coconut Laddu) an exclusive product to Bong Haat. This Special Komla Lebu Narkel Naru (Orange Coconut Laddu) is handmade from rich ingredients like orange pulp, Coconut, Milkmaid, Cardamom by Balaram Mullick exclusively for Bong Haat. The ingredients used, are from Kolkata only so that you get the taste of Kolkata in this Naru. This Special Komla Lebu Narkel Naru (Orange Coconut Laddu) is certain to take you down the lanes of nostalgia. Every care is taken while making these Narkel Naru and packed in food graded packets. So enjoy your Bengali lifestyles wherever you live only with