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    This Kasundi Combo consists of Chili Kasundi and Mango Kasundi from the brand Mirchi Chef. 100% natural hand-crafted Mirchi Chef Kasundi adds just the right twist to any course of a meal as a dip. Be it a part of your favorite Bengali Chops or cutlets or a sandwich or accompaniment to fritters and fries or even as a marinade for steaming and grilling. This Mirchi Chef Kasundi can even be used to prepare popular Bengali fish like Prawn, Illish (Hilsa) or any other Bengali fish. The dip is vegan and gluten & nut-free; it contains Mustard Seeds, Mustard Oil, Vinegar, Spices & Condiments and matures with time. The dip matures with age and has a certified shelf life of 6 months.