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    Cookme, a household brand across India, enjoys the 170 year culinary heritage of Shri Krishna Chandra Dutta’s business acumen. We at Bong Haat have handpicked this assortment of Bengali Spice (Masala Powder) Combo specially for you. This Bengali Spice (Masala Powder) Combo pack has been designed keeping in mind the popularity and usage of them in Bengali kitchen by the Bengali housewives. All the items of this combo pack are sourced from Cookme Masala in Kolkata. This My Choice Spice Combo gives you the flexibility to choose the items and its quantities as per your requirements. Book this My Choice Spice Combo pack from Cookme Masala at the convenience of just a click and live a life in a Bengali way. With this regular spice combo from Cookme will make your food a lip smacking one as Cookme believes in making everyday a delicious journey.