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  1. ₹61.00
    Crispy bhujia is another most popular item in Bengali also named as jhuri bhaja / jhal jhuri . It is also delivers a Rajhasthani tradition. It delivers a different taste especially from suruchi chanachur Compare to others jhuri bhaja in the market. The ingredients are besun, iodised salt , veg oil , masala , spices. It is a khasta crunchy and flavourful snacks , no artificial food colour flavor or preservatives and zero cholesterol. It is easy to carry on jurneys.
  2. ₹85.00
    Chusi Pithe as the name says is the traditional Bengali sweet,A deliciously beautiful elongated shaped Bengali Chusi Pithe is made up of flour and ghee. Even with the unique, the taste is quite enjoyable. A great melt in mouth delicacy. This Chusi Pithe is used in various Bengali items starting from Rosogolla, Sandesh, Payesh and in various other sweetmeats & confectionery items which are made in winter season only.