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Buy Bengali Food Items at best prices online. Shipping anywhere in India. Bong Haat
  1. ₹72.00
    Buy fresh Mukharochak Masala Muri Online from Bong Haat. This is Mukharochak's version of JHAL MURI. Jhal muri is a very well known, Indian street side snack. We mix special quality puffed rice with ground nuts, shew & blend it with various kinds of selected spices - to give it a spicy flavour of its own. It is a very light snack & can be enjoyed at any time. It is a healthy snack - no artificial colour, flavour, preservatives or chemical & 0% cholesterol. Ingredients: Puffed rice (Muri), Double refined vegetable oil, chana besan, peanuts, selected spices & iodized salt. This JHAL MURI is ideal evening snack with hot tea.
  2. ₹67.00
    Buy fresh Mukharochak Chira Bhaja Online from Bong Haat. It has a light yet spicy taste blended with peanuts and shew which is an ideal option of evening snack. It is a healthy snack - no artificial colour, flavour, preservatives or chemical & 0% cholesterol. Ingredients: Parched rice (Chiwra), Chana Besan, Double refined vegetable oil, peanuts, curry leaves, iodized salt & selected spices.
  3. ₹225.00
    Crispy Khasta Nimki (Popularly known as Namakpara in outside of West Bengal) is a classic and savoury snack which is a favourite amongst Bengali people. The distinguished features of this Bengali Nimki are its triangular shape and the layers consist of Kalo Jeera which gives typical Bengali flavour. This Khasta Nimki can be served with tea or enjoyed just like that. This Khasta Nimki can be stored for 6 to 7 days in air tight containers. This ideal tea snacks is sourced from Kolkata and shipped to customers place.
  4. ₹225.00
    Puri Khaja is an Indian dessert believed to have originated from the southern side of the Gangetic plains of Bihar and is very popular in West Bengal. Refined wheat flour with sugar is made into layered dough and lightly fried in oil to make khaja. This Puri Khaja is offered as an offering in the Jagannath Temple, Puri Orissa. This Puri Khaja is sourced directly from Jay Nagar and shipped to customer’s place. This Puri Khaja is made with extra care (Karapak) to remain fresh for 10 to 12 days. This crispy & & multilayered Puri Khaja will remind of your days in Bengal.