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Products tagged with 'Khejur Gur'

  1. Khejur Gur (Date Palm Jaggery) Patali Gur 1 KG Sale
    ₹445.00 ₹475.00

    FSSAI Lic No: 12823999000698

    Patali Gur (Date Palm Jaggery), also known as Khejur Gur, is a Bengali winter delicacy and is well known to all Bengali people for its aroma. This Patali Gur is made exclusively for Bong Haat by the farmers in 4 districts in West Bengal. Patali Gur is popularly known as Khejur Gur. This Khejur Gur is used in various Bengali sweets items starting from Rosogolla, Sandesh, Payesh and in various other sweetmeats & confectionery items which are made in winter season only.