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12 April 2024 00:00:00

Rosogolla Festival Gurgaon

Posted On April 9, 2023

#BongHaat’s Banglar #Rosogolla Festival, 2nd Edition happened in Gurgaon on 16th Feb 2020 | BongHaat.com
Bong Haat brought eight varieties of Banglar Rosogolla namely Paan Rosogolla, Strawberry Rosogolla, Green Chili Rosogolla, Orange Rosogolla, Green Mango Rosogolla, Nolen Gur Rosogolla, Rose Rosogolla, Pineapple Rosogolla and eight varieties of Bengali Sondesh from districts in West Bengal.

Besides unique Rosogollas from Kolkata, Bong Haat brought to you some of the unique products like Paan Narkel Naru, Komla Lebu Narkel Naru, Gondhoraj Lebu Sandesh, Orange Sandesh along with 8 varieties of Bengali Sandesh from the state of West Bengal.
People have liked the Rosogollas and appreciated our efforts to bring such authentic Bengal’s Rosogollas for them.

Bong Haat has received couple of invitations to put up stalls in #DurgaPuja 2020 in Gurgaon and bring more varieties of Banglar Rosogolla and other delicacies.

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