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  1. ₹950.00
    Buy best quality Shankh from Bong Haat with best price.
  2. ₹320.00
    This Dhunachi, most commonly called Dhunuchi, (Bengali incense burner) is made of brass (Pital) and may be used for daily Puja activities at home. This Dhunuchi can even be used in various other ritual purposes. This Dhunuchi has a longer handle to save from heat of the material in it. The diameter is around 11 CM and total height (top to bottom) is 11 CM (approx.) with weight is around 110 grams.
  3. ₹45.00
    Dhuno, an Indian form of frankincense, is a plant resin of Sal tree. This Dhuno is available in a combination of solid and powder form and this is used in Bengali’s biggest festival Durga Puja. This Dhuno is used to create fragrant smoke during Bengali Pujas by applying the powder form of it on burning coconut husks. Dhuno is very popularly, be used in Bengali households as a recuse from mosquitos and its bites.
  4. ₹180.00
    This Kosha Kushi (a set of spoons) is an important ritual item used in Bengali rituals like Puja and other religious activities. This set of Kosha Kushi represents the Yoni and Womb of the Goddess. This set of Kosha Kushi is a very special Puja Samagrihi item in Bengali families and this item is not easily available elsewhere. This set of Kosha Kushi is handcrafted from pure copper by artisans in West Bengal and the length of this set is about 17 CM long.
  5. ₹75.00
    This Nokul Dana/Nakul Dana is an important Bengali Puja Item required in every Bengali Household. Sweet and savoury Nakul Dana has been hygienically packed to retain its goodness. It has been prepared from choicest ingredients to be tasty.
  6. ₹95.00
    Buy Premium quality Kadma from the house of Max Health (AMBO Group) from Kolkata. This Kadma is made of Chini (Sugar) for pooja needs of every Bengali household. Be a Laxmi Puja, Satyanarayan Puja or any other Puja in Bengali households this Kadma is offered to God. This Chini Kadma (White) is sourced from the market in Kolkata and shipped directly to customers’ place.