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Handpicked 7 wondered recipes made with Gondhoraj Lebu (Gondhoraj Lime)

March 21, 2019 9:01:41 PM IST Bong Haat Binodon Bureau

Only for its aroma (for which this limed is known as Gondhoraj) and flavor, this special lime from the state of West Bengal, has got a special space both in Bengali kitchen and in the minds of most of the Bengali foodies. Experimentation with this lime is now rampant everywhere, both in Bengali and non-Bengali kitchens. Some of the well known five-star restaurants and food chains have already started using this Gondhoraj lime in various dishes they prepare. And the dish prepared by them with this Gondhoraj lime are superbly awesome as told by some of the foodies Bong Haat Binodon team has contacted. In a quest to know the wide range of usage of Gondhoraj lime, Bong Haat Binodon team has handpicked such 7 wonderful dish that can be prepared with this Bengal pride "Gondhoraj (Lebu) lime".

Lebu Lonka Murgi (Gondhoraj Chicken)

Lebu Lonka Murgi is a delicious recipe where chicken is cooked in yoghurt and Gondhoraj Lebu juice. Chicken gravy that is absolutely lip smacking. Lebu Lonka Murgi is a delicious recipe where succulent pieces of chicken is cooked in creamy yoghurt and tangy Gondhoraj lebu juice. Some lime leaves added in for a further burst of citrus and green chillies for their heat. Serve Lebu Lonka Murgi with Steamed Rice or Whole Wheat Laccha Paratha for a simple weekday meal.

For detailed recipe of this enticing dish, you can visit Archana’s Kitchen dot com.

Gondhoraj Bhetki

Just a few drops of juice of the Gondhoraj lebu can create magic for you. Just a few drops of juice are sufficient to metamorphose food from the insipid and the mundane to the divine and the delectable and send the olfactory senses to an ecstatic trance. Gondhoraj Bhetki is one such dish we are talking about. The fish Bhetki is one of the of most popular fish for the fish loving Bengalis round the globe. This dish tastes better with Kolkata Bhetki as compared to other two Bhekti namely Bombay Bhetki & Bhola Bhetki. For Gondhoraj Bhetki, give your favorite Kolkata Bhetki a generous spice and Gondhoraj zest rub, followed by a loving smear with cream perfumed with Gondhoraj juice. Pan fry till just right and relish the magic of Gondhoraj Bhetki.

For recipe of this enticing recipe you can visit Experiences of a Gastronomad dot com.

Gondhoraj Chingri (Golda Chingri with Gondho Lebu)

Gondhoraj Chingri is a Classic Bengali preparation with two gems of ingredients, Golda Chingri and Gondhoraj Lebu. And with the magic of these two we are blessed to enjoy light fragrant flavoursome গন্ধরাজ লেবু গলদা চিংড়ি. Gondhoraj Golda Chingri is Giant River Prawns in creamy aromatic lemony sauce flavoured with none other than Gondhoraj Lebu or King Lime. The tangy lemony sauce is balanced with subtle sweetness of coconut milk, punch of Sha Morich (white pepper) & heat from fresh green chilli. And dollop of coconut cream on top spells the magic to craft the ultimate ‘uttherly butterly delicious’ Gondhoraj Golda Chingri.

For recipe of this enticing recipe you can visit Experiences of a Scratching Canvas dot com

GONDHORAJ LEBU CAKE – (Gondhoraj Lemon Mini Loaf Cake)

Does it sound bizarre? No, not at all. Those who love bakes that have citrus and the Gondhoraj Lebu is a best fit for this baking process. The fragrant Gondhoraj adds lovely notes to the cakes and strawberry wraps up the whole deal beautifully. Moreover this Gondhoraj Lebu can even be used for Cakes or cookies preparations.

For recipe of this enticing recipe you can visit Easy Food Smith dot com

Gondhoraj Lebu Pata Die Daal (Lentil with Gondhoraj lemon leaves)

This dish could be made with various types of dal (pulses) but it tastes better either Musur (red lentil) or Kancha mug dal (unroasted yellow lentil). It even tastes heaven when either sona Masoor or sona Moong dal is used for this recipe. Gondhoraj Lebu Pata Die Daal must be served with hot white rice. This recipe contains lemon juice so it is always better to consume the daal in the day its cooked itself. If you need to store. Then pour it in a covered container when it comes to room temparature and store in fridge for a day or two. Always stir the dal before serving.

For recipe of this enticing recipe you can visit A Homemaker’s diary dot com

Grilled Ilish with Gondhoraj Lebu and Mustard Sauce

Gondhoraj Lebu is an aromatic citrus fruit native to tropical Asia including India, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. Call it nemu, lemon, lime or lebu; a few drops of Gondhoraj Lebu juice creates a magic by releasing an intense citrus fragrance. A fusion of traditional mustard Hilsa and Gondhoraj lemon juice brings the different flavors together to create a culinary magic. However, one should keep in mind as not to temper with too many ingredients as this fish has got its own unique flavor which must be retained.

For recipe of this enticing recipe you can visit Plaban’s Food Photography dot com

Gondhoraj Tea

Most of us are a huge fan of ‘Tea’ or chai or cha. Be it milk tea, green tea or plain liquor tea, they all are refreshing! Here I am sharing my ‘Gondhoraj Tea Recipe’, which is basically a liquor tea, with a punch of Gondhoraj lebu or lemon or lime juice and a little black salt. Gondhoraj lebu is the king of lemon and is quite popular in Bengal. The Gondhoraj Tea Recipe yields a wonderful, mild, soothing and aromatic tea which is enough to compete with any exotic tea available in the super market these days.

Check the Gondhoraj Tea Recipe you can visit India’ss Global Kitchen dot in.

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Bong Haat Binodon Bureau

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